About Us

About Us

Ish Jindal CPA Professional Corporation is a Toronto, ON-based accounting and tax firm with a combined experience of more than 15 years in accounting, auditing and taxation. Our satisfied clients are from various business fields like manufacturing, retail, wholesale, IT, trucking, property management, hospitality, machine shops and professional corporations like law firms and dental care clinics.

With our honest and reliable accounting, taxation and advisory services, we can make sure that your financial reporting is done in time and is focused on saving your taxes and meeting other financial planning needs. By doing this we also make sure that you don’t lose sleep over any tax issue or any Audit notice from CRA etc.

As accountants, we don’t only provide the routine accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and financial services to our clients, but we also believe in giving some VALUE to them. That is why our clients choose us as their accountants more than any other small-to-medium sized accounting firms. Our mission is not just to compile your statements and file your taxes, but to use this professional work to give more value to our clients. Any accountant can do the bookkeeping, accounting, and taxes, but in practical world, one has to think about what value he or she is getting from these services.

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I graduated from McMaster University and obtained my CGA and CPA designation from CGA and CPA Institutes in Ontario. I registered my accounting and tax practice with Institute of Certified General Accountants of Ontario in year 2007. Since then I have been serving the business community actively in the areas of accounting, tax, business financing, US Tax and SR&ED consulting. I am also a Certified Management Accountant from US and registered with IRS.

Ish Jindal CPA Professional Corporation is a value-oriented firm. At the end of each engagement, we want our clients to feel that they are getting something extra for their penny. So please give us a call!

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