Construction Accounting in Toronto

Accountants are vital to any business, but in reference to construction, they are especially significant. Construction accounting is different than other types of accounting. Some of the methods used within this industry specifically differ from that of other industries, which is why it is imperative to hire an accountant that is accustomed to the nuances of construction accounting.

Experience On Your Side

At Ish Jindal CPA Professional Corporation, we are experienced construction accountants. We recognize that every contract and every project comprises unique circumstances – an approach that makes sense for one project may not make sense for another. We’ll decide on an approach after considering all aspects of a job and the decision made will be in your company’s best interest.

Toronto Construction Accountant

We will dedicate our time to recording, analyzing, verifying, and reporting on your behalf. Whether we use the Percentage of Completion Method, the Completed Contract Method, or another standard accounting approach, our goals are to make sure your accounting records are up-to-date and accurate at all times.

If you are looking for an accountant that truly understands what it is you do and values you as a client, then call Ish Jindal CPA Professional Corporation in Toronto, ON to receive more information about our practices.

No matter what type of business, every corporation requires a good and efficient system of handling their finances. We at Ish Jindal CPA Professional Corporation understands this and gives our clients the best solutions for their accounting needs.

When talking about the construction industry, it is important that we mark that a construction accountant takes a completely different approach in his methods while handling its finances.

Since construction accounting is so significantly different from other business accounting, it is very important that you hire a construction accountant in Toronto to carer to all your needs.

Ish Jindal CPA Professional Corporation provides the following construction accounting services for its clients

  • Bookkeeping using the percentage of completion method or the completed contract method. We can also handle your payroll and sub-contractors’ mandatory filings with CRA
  • Arrange financing for your construction projects by budgeting your projects and preparing certified financial statements and business plans required by the lenders. We can also arrange the best lenders for your projects and work with them until your loan is approved.
  • WSIB consulting: We can get you the best WSIB rates and provide you our expert advise on complex WSIB rules applicable to the construction industry.
Construction Accounting Services in toronto

We have a talented team of professionals and hard workers that make sure that the accounts of your construction business are in good hands and you wouldn’t have to worry about this part of the business.

So let us help you achieve a good financial system and organize your accounts for you. Our help can help you find the loopholes and you can avoid them in the future.

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