Sale And Purchase Of Business in Toronto

We help business owners in the process of sale and purchase of business and calculating the value of the business.

We can help in the process of sale and purchase of business by providing the following services:

  • Business consulting and advising on issues related to the sale and purchase of business
  • Performing financial due diligence of the business on sale
  • Calculating the approximate and fair value of the business using various valuation methods like Income approach, Market Vale approach, Asset based approach.
  • Negotiating the price and other terms for the buyers and sellers of business.
  • Determining the right method of purchase i.e. sale/purchase of shares vs sale/purchase of assets.

So if you are a prospective buyer or if you are a seller and you want to know how much your business is worth or you want to put your business in market for sale give us a call.

Toronto Sale and Purchase of Business
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